By Platts Pets

Sustainability Facts: Why Sustainability Matters to Platts Pets

When you choose Platts Pets, your pet's comfort comes with a step towards a greener, cleaner planet. 

In a time where plastic pollution overwhelms and conversations on carbon footprint are rife, the choices you make for your pets ripple beyond the choice of their bedding material. 

We've highlighted the impact consumers have on the planet, but also how together we can make a positive difference.  

Read our facts about sustainability below...

1. 2.5 million metric tons of plastic packaging waste is generated per year in the UK. 

This fact about sustainability may come as a surprise: plastic pollution is a pressing issue worldwide and the amount of plastic waste generated in the UK alone is a cause for concern. 

That's why at Platts Pets, we're proud to offer a plastic-free alternative. Our premium woodshaving bales comes wrapped in 100% potato starch packaging. 

You might be wondering, what is potato starch packaging? Our packaging is derived from the starch found in potatoes and processed into a resistant material. 

Unlike traditional plastic, which is derived from fossil fuels and can take hundreds of years to decompose, potato starch packaging is biodegradable and naturally breaks down over time. Usually, it can break down within a couple of months. 

2. The UK produces over 41 million tonnes of household waster each year.

This sustainability fact highlights the urgent need for waste reduction initiatives.

At Platts Pets, we actively contribute to waste reduction by repurposing woodshavings that might have otherwise ended up in landfill. 

By transforming these waste materials into premium pet bedding, we play a part in promoting a circular economy and minimise environmental impact. 

3.  The UK has committed to achieving carbon net-zero emissions by 2025. 

Here in the UK, we have committed to achieving carbon net-zero emissions by 2025 and we are doing our part to help reach this target. 

By using plastic-free alternative packaging and partnering with DPD, who are committed to offering a 'Clean Green delivery' to deliver our products to you, we're contributing to combatting climate change. 

4. Approximately 364 million tonnes of C02 is emitted each year in the UK. 

Carbon emissions are a major contributor to climate change, and it is crucial for us all to take the steps to reduce our carbon footprint. 

That's why we prioritise energy efficiency and environmentally friendly practices in our production facilities. 

5. Approximately 14 million tonnes of waste was sent to UK landfill in 2021. 

Did you know that our woodshavings are designed to be biodegradable?

That's right, when you purchase our small pet bedding, you can responsibly dispose of used bedding. This is because it breaks down naturally over time.

So whether you dispose of your pet's bedding in compost piles or landfill, they will decompose over time through natural processes, returning valuable organic matter to the soil.

Read more about our sustainable future and understand how you and your pet can contribute towards a greener future by choosing our premium pet bales