By Platts Pets

Sustainable Solutions for Happy Pets: Our Partnership

We are excited to share something news with you!

Today, we are launching an exciting partnership with a like-minded company, The Hay Shed, with an initiative that perfectly aligns with our commitment to pet well-being and sustainability. 

Read more about our partnership below...

About Us

At Platts Pets, we are dedicated to providing small pets with the highest quality of bedding, ensuring their comfort and well-being. Our premium wood shavings are kiln-dried and 100% dust-extracted, and encourages natural behaviours such as digging, burrowing, and hiding. 

Meanwhile, The Hay Shed specalise in providing nutritious and delicious hay for small animals. Founded with a passion to provide small pets with high-quality feed, The Hay Shed have finessed growing nutrient-dense grass and have developed a shed dry system to ensure quality control.


At Platts Pets, sustainability is at the core of our business, empowering people to invest in their pets' comfort whilst contributing to a greener, cleaner planet. We have ensured that our products are biodegradable, and our materials are all recyclable, including our 100% potato starch packaging.  

Therefore, it was important for us to partner with a company where sustainability is equally valued. The Hay Shed have a number of impressive initiatives to contribute towards a better tomorrow. Read all about it in their about us section. 

Along with our shared commitment to sustainability, our shared passion for pets well-being has brought us together to create something special for our customers.

Joint Initiative: Sharing Sample Product

We are excited to announce our initiative that we're confident both pets and their owners will love!

With every order placed on our website, customers will now receive a FREE gift: a sample product from both Platts Pets and The Hay Shed.

What is more, as a special thank you, we are offering an exclusive 30% discount for The Hay Shed customers. 

Ready to treat your pet to something special? Discover the full benefits of our premium woodshavings and enjoy a free taster box of The Hay Shed's product when you order today!