By Platts Pets

10 Interesting Facts about Hamsters

Curious about the world of hamsters? Here, we shed light on some of the most interesting facts about hamster that you may not have known. 

From their tidy habitats to their ingenious engineering skills, these facts about hamsters are full of surprises. 

 Find interesting hamster facts below...

1. Hamsters are tidy creatures

tiny hmaster

This fact about hamsters may not come as a surprise to most, however hamsters are generally considered to be clean small pets.

Whilst hamsters do their part in keeping clean, it is essential for owners to clean their cage daily to prevent the build up and ammonia from their waste. 

Our woodshavings are the perfect bedding for hamsters, as it's designed to offer improve odour control. 

2. There are over 20 species of hamsters.

There are reported over 20 species of hamsters, however the exact number may vary depending on classification and new discoveries. 

The most common species of pet hamster include the Syrian hamster, the dwarf hamster, and the Chinese hamster. 

In the wild, you will most likely find the European hamster and the Turkish hamster. 

3. Most hamster species are fast runners. 

hamster on wheel

Our next hamster fact is a quick one!

That's right, hamster are super fast and they are known to run several miles in a single night on their exercise wheel.

4. Hamsters naturally like to hide.

In the wild, hamsters will burrow and use hiding spots to shelter from predators and feel secure. 

That's why our pet hamsters will often create nests within their cages. This is why it's important to provide them with plenty of hamster bedding.

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5. Hamsters are solitary animals who should be housed singly in their habitat.

Hamsters can often become territorial and if houses with other hamsters, can often lead to fights and stress for the animals involved. 

So if you have more than one hamster, it's definitely worth investing in multiple cages. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter for any special offers if you're having to buy extra bedding for further animals!

6. Hamsters can inflate their cheeks to swim...

inflated hamster cheeks

According to BBC Earth, European hamsters inflate their cheek pouches with air for buoyancy to swim!

However, it is not advisable to attempt to make a hamster swim, as they are terrestrial creatures that thrive in dry environments.  

7. Hamsters are night owls!

Next on our guide to hamster facts might not come as a surprise! But did you know that hamsters are nocturnal creatures? 

Hamsters are most active during the twilight hours, making them the perfect companion for the human night owls amidst us! 

8.  They are pint-sized engineers...

hamster bedding

In the wild, hamsters will often create elaborate burrows with chambers for sleeping, nesting, and storing food. 

Even in captivity, hamsters will often instinctively dig and tunnel provided that they are provided with enough bedding to unleash their inner architects. 

To support them in their endeavours, be sure to take a look at our luxury bedding options and they can begin building their new home as early as tomorrow! 

9. Their teeth never stop growing.

Just like we uncovered in our facts about rabbits, hamster's teeth too never stop growing. 

Human teeth will stop growing once they've reached a certain size, whilst hamster's continually grow throughout their lives.

The continuous growth is necessary due to wear and tear from gnawing on various materials, including food and objects in their environment. 

10. Hamsters are banned in Hawaii.

Yes, it is illegal to own a hamster in Hawaii. 

This is due to concerns that released or escaped hamsters could have an impact on the native plants and damage agricultural crops. 

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