By Platts Pets

Valentine's Day 2024: The Ultimate Guide to Pet Gifts

Looking for the best gifts for pets this Valentine's Day? This celebration is the perfect excuse to spoil our small animal friends, and we have the best gifts below!

Whether you're looking for the perfect sweet treat or something to keep them busy, we have you covered! 

Find our hand-picked selection of pet gifts below...

1. Excel Forage & Feast Hay Bar with Rose 

When it comes to gifts for pets this Valentine's Day, the forage and feast hay bar with rose from Rabbit Retail is a must. 

Surprise your rabbit this year with this forage gift, combining the goodness of hay with delicate petals of rose. Promising to be a delicious and nutritious for your loved one.   

2. Jambo Doughnut of Love

What says 'I love you' more than a delicious treat?

Next on our gifts for pets at Valentines is the Cheshire Bunny BakesJambo Doughnut of Love

Cheshire Bunny Bakes change their doughnut flavour every month and for February, the flavour is banana, crushed berries topped with rose petals. With its high-quality ingredients, this Valentine gift is sure to be a hit!  

3. Valentines Forage Bun-dle

This Valentines treat your pet to a Forage Bun-dle from Hoppypets

Your small pet can look forward to 200g of dried 5 a day mix, 2 x palm leaf bowls, 2 x love heart forage boxes and 1 x vine hear. 

Packed with a variety of delicious treats and goodies, it's the ultimate gift for a small pet.

4. Love Heart Palm Bowl

Skip the washing up this Valentines when you buy a Love Heart Palm Bowl from Rabbit Retail. 

That's right! Your bunnies can actually eat this bowl! It offers the perfect snack or plate to serve up tasty snacks to make dinner time extra special. 

5. Mini Vine Hearts 

Decorate your small pet's habitat on Valentines with these adorable Mini Vine Hearts from Hoppy Pets. 

Made from 100% natural woven stripped grape vine, this is the perfect gift for pets. Ideal for rabbits and guinea pigs to chew and throw around - also giving you hours of entertainment watching them!

6. Woodland Loops with Dandelion and Rosehip

This Valentines, why not treat your small pet to the delicious flavours of dandelion and rosehip?

When you purchase the Woodland Loops from Rabbit Retail, your pet can look forward to treat that is high in fibre, rich in natural ingredients and offers a natural source of Omega 3 & 6 for healthy skin and a glossy coat! 

7. Rose Petals 

Valentines Day isn't complete without rose petals, right?

These Rose Petals from Cheshire Bunny Bakes add extra elegance to your pet's habitat but also make a tasty treat to include in their hay for some variety. 

It's important to note that these petals should be given occasionally and in moderation as a treat, due to their sugar content. 

8. Personalised Mugs

Ok, we're cheating slightly with this one! But we think small pet owners like yourselves also deserve a gift on Valentines. And there's nothing better than a personalised pet gift! 

These Personalised Bunny Dainty Hearts Mug from Syd & Co are the perfect Valentines gifts for a rabbit's mum or dad!

Each mug can be personalised with your very own bunny and hand printed to order just for you. 

9. Forage Candy Box 

This Valentine's Day, your small pet can delve into a box of flavours and textures, carefully crafted to satisfy their natural instincts and their taste buds. 

The Forage Candy Box is suitable for rabbits and guinea pigs, promising a sweet and nutritious surprise. 

The dimensions of the box is 15x15x3.5m and contains roughly two pouches of product. 

10. Natural Small Pet Bedding 

If you are looking for a thoughtful and practical gift for your small pet, look no further than our wood shavings

Whether it's digging, burrowing, or hiding, our wood shavings provide the ideal environment for your pet to engage in these behaviours. Whether your pet lives in a hutch, cage, or enclosure, our small pet bedding will provide them with a soft and comfortable space to call home. 

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