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Why Pets are for Life, Not Just for Christmas

An adorable bunny or a fluffy little hamster could be the best present you ever received!

We've all seen the Instagram and TikTok videos featuring children and adults shedding tears of joy as they unbox their brand-new, fluffy friends for Christmas. We understand why these adorable companions are so popular!

If you are in a position to care for a pet, gifting one for Christmas could be a wonderful gesture. However, if you have decided to gift a loved one with a real-life furry friend this Christmas, it's important that you know they are in for a lifelong commitment, not just a festive season delight.

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Caring for Your Pet

Whilst many small animals, like hamsters, are relatively low-maintenance pets, they still require lots of things to live happy and content lives.

It's so important to make sure that whoever you are gifting a small animal knows and understands the specific requirements of the pet. They should also have the means to continue providing for their pet beyond December and January. 

Here's a list of things you should ensure they know before considering giving a pet as a gift this Christmas:

  1. What sort of cage/hutch and bedding does the animal need to be comfy and cosy.
  2. How to keep the cage or hutch clean and how often to clean it. 
  3. What sort of diet do they need and how often to feed them. 
  4. How to socialise, exercise and entertain the animal. 
  5. How long they generally live, so they can ensure they can care for them for that time and understand the commitment they are taking on. 
  6. How to groom your pet so they stay clean and healthy.
  7. What sort of temperature and environment do they need to thrive. 

A Lifetime with Your Furry Friend

If you're the one doing the gifting, you could share this blog with them or even print it off and include it as part of the gift, ensuring they are well informed about what they are taking on.

If your loved one is aware of all the above and is ready and committed to taking on the responsibilities of having a pet for life, and not just for Christmas, then there's nothing better than having a furry companion to share your life with!

If you are considering getting a pet for yourself or someone else, consider adopting a small animal from a rescue or shelter. They are often home to amazing little animals looking for their FURever home, especially in the months following Christmas.

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