By Platts Pets

Christmas Names: Top 40 Christmas Names for Pets for 2023

Are you on the hunt for the perfect Christmas names for your festive fluffballs? Whether you share your home with a fluffy rabbit, a squeaky guinea pig, or a tiny hamster, look no further!

The Platts Pets team has been hard at work at HQ curating a flawless list of Christmas-inspired names that we can't wait to share with you, just in time to kick-start the Christmas celebrations.

Read our top Christmas names for pets below...

1. Snowflake

Just like the unique and intricate ice crystals, your pet will being a touch of magic to your home!

2. Tinsel 

Add a dash of sparkle to your furry friend's identity with the name Tinsel. 

3. Sugarplum 

For the sweetest companion in your life, Sugarplum is the perfect name!

4. Chestnut

This Christmas name is ideal for a pet with a warm and cosy personality. 

5. Holly 

Perfect for a lively and spirited companion, this name adds a touch of festive greenery to your home.

6. Gingerbread

Sweet and charming, Gingerbread is an adorable choice for a pet with a warm, brown coat.

7. Nutmeg

Spice up your pet's identity with the name Nutmeg. This unique and flavourful choice is perfect for a pet with a distinct and memorable personality.

8. Elf

For your mischievous and playful small pet, the Christmas name Elf captures the lively spirit of the season perfectly. 

9. Mariah 

Pay homage to the Queen of Christmas herself, so that your pet can reign over the holiday cheer! 

10. Bublé

Alternatively, pay homage to the King of Christmas with Bublé!

11. Snowy 

Simple, yet timeless! Snowy perfectly encapsulates the essence of winter! 

12. Frosty

Embrace the winter chill with our next Christmas name for pets. Your small pet's cool and calm demeanour will match this Christmas name perfectly. 

13. Claws 

A playful twist on the traditional Santa Claus, Claws is a witty name for a mischievous little companion.

14. Santa's Little Helper

Inspired by the lovable canine companion from The Simpsons, this name brings a dose of animated charm and holiday cheer to your household.

15. Baileys 

Baileys is the perfect name for a companion who exudes sophistication and smooth charm.

16. Jingle 

Capture the festive sound of the season with the name Jingle. Ideal for a pet with a playful and cheerful disposition.

17. Elsa

Let it go and embrace this regal Christmas name for pets!

18. Noë

Celebrate the season in style with the French-inspired name Noël. It adds a touch of international flair to your pet's identity.

19. Buddy 

For a companion who is always by your side!

20. Angel 

Angel is the perfect Christmas name for a sweet and gentle pet.

21. Mistletoe 

Mistletoe is a Christmas name for a pet that is full of kisses!

22. Moose

For the pet with a strong and sturdy presence, Moose is a rugged and outdoorsy name that suits a larger companion.

23. Olaf 

Embrace the whimsy of winter with the name Olaf. Perfect for a pet with a playful and goofy personality.

24. Cracker 

Cracker is the ideal name for a lively and energetic pet! 

25. Polar 

Capture the icy allure of the Arctic with the name Polar.

26. Aspen 

Picture the beauty of snow-covered landscapes with the name Aspen. It is the perfect Christmas name for a pet that enjoys outdoor adventures. 

27. Dasher, 28. Dancer, 29. Prancer

Create a trio of festive energy with these names inspired by Santa's reindeer. Ideal for a group of playful and spirited pets.

30. Vixen 

Perfect for a small pet with a bold and confident personality. 

31. Comet, 32. Cupid, 33. Donner, 34. Blitzen 

Complete the reindeer team with these classic names, ideal for a group of four pets that bring joy and excitement.

35. Rudolph 

Celebrate the leader of the reindeer pack with the name Rudolph. Perfect for a pet that stands out with a distinctive trait.

36. Snowball 

Simple and cute, Snowball is a timeless Christmas name for a pet!

37. Cranberry 

Just as Cranberry sauce is the perfect addition to your Christmas dinner, your Cranberry pet is the perfect companion!

38. Pudding 

Pudding is a charming name that suits a pet with a warm and lovable disposition.

39. Robin 

Perfect for a pet that brings a splash of colour into your life!

40. Kevin 

Our final Christmas name is perfect for a pet that is as adventurous and resourceful Kevin McCallister. Your pet brings a sense of mischief and heart-warming antics to your home! 

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