Our Story

Platts Pets is a brand of Platts Agriculture. Since our establishment in 1973, Platts Agriculture Limited has been a family business which has proudly dedicated over fifty years to crafting high-quality, sustainable products for the animal bedding industry.
A family run business
With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we have risen to become one of the foremost leaders in the UK animal bedding market. Our reach extends far and wide, all over the UK. We also have the distinct honour of holding the Royal Warrant for the supply of Animal Bedding to the Royal Household. 
At the heart of our success is a dedicated team of Platts People, spread across our three strategically located sites in Wrexham. Platts Agriculture Limited plays a pivotal role as a key local employer in the Llay area, fostering community growth and prosperity. As a Group, we're continuously focused on growth and expansion and Platts Pets is the latest new adventure. 

Why did we start Platts Pets?

After questions from some of our customers about whether or not we supplied bedding for small animals, we realised that we could do just that!

Adding Platts Pets to the family

With family at the heart of our business and as pet lovers ourselves, we know that pets become an extension of the family and we want them to have the best when it comes to keeping clean, comfortable and warm.

Utilising our network of suppliers and our excellent production facilities, we adapted our bales to the perfect size for pet owners and now your small furry friends can benefit from our premium wood shavings too!


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