By Platts Pets

The Ultimate Guide to Pet Christmas Gifts: Top Picks for 2023

As Christmas approaches, you'll be making a list and checking it twice, ensuring no one is left behind!

Of course, our four-legged friends, whether naughty or nice, can't be forgotten. That's why we have put together a guide to Christmas gifts for pets!

From enrichment toys to festive snacks, find the perfect gift for your pet here. We've made sure to only recommend products which are sustainable and conscious of the environment - because that's really important to us!

Discover the top gifts for pets below...

1.  Rabbit Chew Toys 

What's Christmas without toys? Upgrade your pet's playtime with a selection of festive-themed toys.

First on our guide to gifts for pets are rabbit chew toys from Rabbit Retail. Made from 100% wood with no glue, this is the perfect gift for pets!

Choose between a Christmas tree and a snowman, both of which are 12cm tall.

These gifts for pets are the perfect distraction from chewing the real tree!

2. Christmas Bamboo Bauble 

No Christmas is complete without indulging in delicious treats, and our pets are no exception.

With Cheshire Bunny Bakes, your bunny can enjoy a completely edible Christmas Bamboo Bauble, filled with readigrass, marigold, and rose petals.  

The ball also has an edible string, that is perfect for hanging with a barely ring! 

3. Forage Bauble 

Our next gift for pets is the Forage Bauble from Little Hay Co

Foraging can be highly beneficial for pets, providing both mental and physical stimulation. So, this is the ideal gift for pets amidst the Christmas chaos.

The bauble is filled with a mixture of carrots, parsnips, cranberries, broccoli, and peas. 

4. Apple Wood Nibbles

These Apple Wood Nibbles from Just4Rabbits are ideal for adding enrichment and to wear down your rabbit's teeth. 

This pet gift is 100% natural and provides a healthy boredom-breaking treat.

These nibbles are suitable for rabbits and guinea pigs. 

5. Christmas Box 

Next on our guide to gifts for Christmas is from the Happy Bunny Club

Their Christmas Box is perfect for a bunny or a loved one with bunnies and is available to purchase as a one-off.

In the box, you will find an array of goodies that your bunny can enjoy throughout the festive season. 

6. Alfalfa Hay Ring 

The Alfalfa Hay Ring would make the perfect addition to your pet's Christmas gifts. 

It makes for a great snack and a fun toy, promising hours of great fun for your rabbit. 

7. Apple Slices 

For some balance during the Christmas time, we recommend these Apple Slices

These are the perfect addition to a rabbit, guinea pig, and chinchilla's Christmas gifts, and can be hidden away in hay or toys to allow for foraging fun! 

8. Beco Bowl 

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a practical gift, right?

The Beco Bowl from Ethical Pets makes for a practical gift that can be used all year round. 

It is made from mostly waste plant fibre material and is available in different 5 sizes and four different colours.  

9. Winter Berry Bakes 

Give your pets a taste of the season with our next Christmas pet gift. 

Winter Berry Bakes are a limited edition treat by Rabbit Retail. They are irresistible to rabbits and guinea pigs and are naturally healthy too.

10. Natural Small Pet Bedding 

Concluding our guide to gifts for pets is our very own natural small pet bedding

Whilst the bedding won't be available for Christmas Day, you can pre-order now for delivery in the New Year.   

As the weather turns chilly, give your pets a warm and snug retreat!

So, there you have it - a pawfect gift for Christmas guide! Follow our Instagram and Facebook for more small pet tips!